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Central Heating & Cooling New HVAC Proposal
Posted on Sep 19th, 2020

Huntington Wood Residents,
Please find attached PDF containing a typical Carrier pricing option sheet showing the available rebates for each, typical work inclusions/exclusions for a replacement and all necessary info as it relates to the equipment we able to provide a 10% discount on by purchasing in bulk. Combined with PML’s rebate and a manufacturers’ time sensitive rebate what we are offering is the very best, most efficient heat pump available on the market for an almost $4,000 discount. In the price option sheet I also list the other (3) systems we typically install at Huntington Wood for cost and efficiency comparisons. Unfortunately, the only system we can offer the discount on is the premium, but in truth it’s the only system anyone who owns a heat pump should be installing.
What we need is a minimum of 10 people to sign up to activate the discount from our distributor. I would need to place the order by 10/31/20 to allow enough time to receive equipment and get all installations complete before the 11/30/20 deadline for the manufacturers’ rebate.
Please review and feel free to give me a call with any questions and to sign up for this offer. I will let you know if we meet our minimum requirement to activate this offer and to schedule your service if we do.
Scott Mercurio
Sales/Project Manager
Central Cooling and Heating Inc.
9 N. Maple St.
Woburn, MA 01801
W# (781) 404-2332
C# (781) 775-7684
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