Management Company
Huntington Wood is professionally managed by:
American Properties Team, Inc.
500 West Cummings Park
Suite 6050
Woburn, Mass. 
Huntington Wood management on-site staff:
Property Manager:
Jennifer Pappas
Phone: 978-535-3277
Assistant Property Manager:
Digna Rosales
Phone: 978-535-3277
Paulo Perrier
Phone:  978-535-3277
Hours: Monday-Friday, 9 a.m.-5 p.m. 
After hours:   
The management company handles the day-to-day operations of Huntington Wood. If there is an issue with a common area item, such as lights, walkways or rules violations, please contact the on-site office to inform the property manager. For after hours emergencies (other than 911 Fire/Police/Rescue emergencies), such as complete loss of power/water, flooding, building damage, etc., please call the 24-hour number at (781) 932-3841.